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MediaXpressions - Privacy Statement

MediaXpressions has created this privacy policy in order to demonstrate our commitment to online privacy. If you have any questions after reading this policy, please use the contact information at the bottom of this policy.

This policy statement will describe how and what type of information we collect on this site, how this information may be used and by whom, and the steps taken to ensure the security of the data we collect. You will also learn how to update or delete and data that you provide this site.

Information Collected

The MediaXpressions Web site gathers a variety of information. Some of this information is gathered automatically when anyone visits the site. Other non-identifying information is gathered whenever a personalization option is chosen. Finally, when a registration page is filled out, we gather specific personal information about a single individual.

IP Address

Whenever you use the Internet you are using what is called an IP address to identify the computer you are on. This is used by all Web sites to know who to send the information (Web page) back to. You cannot hide this information, though you could theoretically fake it. The only way this information could ever be tracked back to you is by contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP - like AOL, AT&T, and Earthlink) and give them the number and time and date of your visit. They may log the information and be able to trace it back to you. The only practical way this would ever happen would be under order of a legal subpoena after an actual crime. We can, however, determine certain demographic data from this and other information that is transmitted every time you use your browser (like what browser you are using, for instance).


In a growing number of areas on the site we are providing the option for personalization. One current place would be in the homework area. After you select a specific grade you are provided the option for the site to 'remember' it for your next visit. We do this by using 'cookies.' Essentially, cookies are small text files that are kept on your computer and sent to the web site along with your request for a Web page. Cookies are Web site specific. If we set a cookie on your computer, no other site can see it. It is possible for us to set a cookie on your computer that another site could see, but then we would be unable to see it ourselves. We do not set cookies for other sites to see. Cookies cannot contain any data that you have not provided through a registration form or some other means. We do not place anything more than an ID and date into our cookies.

It is possible to turn off your browser's capacity to use cookies. Please see your browser's help file if you are interested in learning about this. We do not recommend shutting off cookies. They allow a wide variety of sites to customize their appearance to you.

Personal Data

The MediaXpressions Web site has at least one registration form on it (the e-mail subscriber list), and will soon have more. These registration forms are necessary for you to subscribe to a certain service. You are under no obligation to fill these out and, if you do fill one out, you are able to limit the amount of information you provide. Please understand that the more information you provide the better we will be able to meet your needs.

Use of Gathered Information

The MediaXpressions Web site gathers a variety of information. Some of this information is required for general site demographics. Other information is used to provide a personalized experience. Finally, some of the information is used to contact the registered site members at appropriate times.

Use by MediaXpressions

MediaXpressions uses information from the Web site for a variety of purposes. As explained above, we use cookies to personalize your experience on the site. We may also use them for general, non-identifiable tracking through the site. We also use it to create a monthly report of our web traffic.

Personal information gathered is used generally for contact purposes. You will never be contacted directly by any outside entity from the data you provide to MediaXpressions. The primary use of this information is to keep you informed using e-mail. It is possible that some marketing information may be included in the body of these e-mails. We will not include any marketing information in e-mails sent to persons identified as children.

Use by Other Entities

Again, we will never provide personal information to any third parties. We may provide general demographic information gathered on the site to a third party. You can see an example of this type of data at the following link: http://www.mediaspressions.com/statistics/.

Disclosure to Authorities

We will immediately provide any personal information that is required of us by law. We will provide this information due to any court order or subpoena and if simply requested by law enforcement personnel if it is determined to be a matter of safety or security. We will also use personal information if we need to initiate any legal actions.

Children's Guidelines

In accordance with COPPA's standards, a child is defined as an individual under 13 years old. The following points specifically pertain to children visiting the MediaXpressions Web site:

  • We do not share any personal information gathered from anyone, including children, with any third party.
  • When it is determined a child under 13 is entering data on the site the child is not contacted for any reason until parental consent is obtained. Please see below for more information on this process.
  • No one under 13 is allowed to post any personally identifiable information on the MediaXpressions Web site.
  • We do not entice children to divulge personal information using games, prizes or other activities.
  • We facilitate parents or guardians to manage or delete any information we have about their children.

If it is determined through the registration process that the individual is under 13 years old, the following steps are taken:

  • We request the name and e-mail address of a parent or guardian.
  • We send a notification to the parent's e-mail address requesting permission to activate the account.
  • The parent has three options: grant permission, deny permission, fail to respond.
    • If the parent grants permission, an e-mail is sent to the child welcoming them to whatever resource they were registering for.
    • If the parent denies permission, an e-mail is sent to the parent confirming their action. No further contact with the child will be made and all data will be removed except for the child's e-mail address (no name or other identifying information is kept). The e-mail is kept to prevent further attempts to register.
    • If the parent does not respond within seven days, all information - including the child's e-mail address - is deleted from the database. The child is free to re-register on the site.
  • If the parent does not wish the child to be registered on the site, it is recommended that they actively respond. It is conceivable that the child may otherwise attempt to re-register and falsify age identifying information.

A parent may have their child's information removed or modified at any time using any of the following methods:

  • Using the child's e-mail and password, log onto the site as the child and delete or modify the account.
  • Log onto the site as a parent using their own e-mail address (must be the one provided by the child) and password and delete or modify the information.
  • Contact us using one of the methods provided at the bottom and request the information to be removed. We will need to know the child's e-mail address and your home phone number (for verification) to accomplish this.

Finally, on all our registration forms, we recommend that children under the age of 13 do not provide mailing addresses or phone numbers. We require that all registered members provide their name and e-mail address. All other information is optional unless the person is registering as an alumni (which means they should be older than 12).

Please understand that information removed from our database may exist in back-up storage for a period of time after it is removed from our active database.

Security of Data

All data on the MediaXpressions Web site is password protected and linked to an e-mail address for your privacy and security. Information sent to and from the MediaXpressions Web site is not encrypted. We are not anticipating the need to gather any financial or other sensitive data. If this changes in the future, we will provide encryption to guarantee bank-level security for your data.

How to Correct / Update / Delete Personal Information

This site gives users the following options for changing and modifying or deleting information previously provided. The form on the site is your fastest means of updating information.

  1. visit www.mediaxpressions.com/subscribe.asp
  2. e-mail subscriptions@mediaxpressions.com
  3. call the following telephone number: 401-679-0035
  4. send mail to the following postal address:

MediaXpressions Web Site, 32 Hope Road, Cranston, RI 02921

Changes in this Policy

This policy may be amended at any time. If the policy is amended, we will make every effort to inform you of the pending changes in advance and give you the opportunity to take action. We will use e-mail addresses on record to perform this notification.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact:

Jim Robinson
32 Hope Road
Cranston, RI 02921
401-679-0035 (voice mailbox/fax)